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Landscape Innovation Award

This category celebrates an innovative product or service, or a piece of research or guidance which has the potential to positively transform landscape practice. 

It is open to any individual, organisation, employer, government or university or combination of groups to enter.

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What we are celebrating

This award celebrates innovative research, guidance, ideas, policies, adoption of new technology, strategies and/or products that could play a significant role in transforming landscape practice.  It could be the development of a new idea, way or working or piece of guidance, set out in a report, book, or website; or it could be development of a new physical product (for hard or soft landscapes) or a new digital toolservice, or software.  Or it may be something completely new. 

This award is open to different types of landscape works, including (but not necessarily limited to): 

  • Document or book 
  • Policy or regulation 
  • Physical product, plant, or material  
  • New service or way of working 
  • New software or digital tools 


To enter this Award:

  • Part of the awarded activity must have taken place between July 2019 and July 2021

Judging criteria

This award will be scored by an independent panel of judges against our Judging Criteria:

  • Sustainability 
  • Value 
  • Professionalism 

Follow this link to read more details on these criteria and the sub-criteria to make sure you clearly identify how your work meets the specific requirements for your category. 

Landscape Innovation Award 2020 Winner

An overview from the last years Awards winner on what made their entry successful and much more