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Adding Value through Landscape

In difficult economic times the need to tackle challenges such as housing supply, climate change, biodiversity loss and water/ waste management become ever more critical. Landscape professionals are uniquely placed to create great places where people feel inspired to live, work, learn and visit.

This award is for projects which demonstrate that they have brought improved cultural, social, economic or learning benefits to a community or business.

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Typical entries

Typical entries may include:

  • Town centre & place management improvements, where increased visitor numbers can be demonstrated
  • Regeneration strategies which have led to increased private sector investments
  • Design and implementation of an outdoor learning environment which has brought demonstrable benefits to a school or college
  • Developments demonstrating positive economic impacts such as savings in the disposal of waste by using it creatively on-site, or by increasing the saleability of properties, rental rates or saving energy
  • Development proposals which optimize land use without impacting on the wider landscape
Adding Value Through Landscape

Judging criteria

  • Degree to which the project demonstrates the unique contribution of the landscape professional to increasing the value of a project.

Specific requirements for entry

  • Business case or similar from the Landscape Institute member making the investment case for landscape. The business case should be in qualitative and quantitative terms relevant to the project. This might include increased footfall, increase in housing prices/rents/land value, savings on development costs or reducing building costs, improved learning outcomes, community cohesion and crime reduction.
  • Evidence of the added value realised through the work of the landscape professional.
  • Endorsement from clients/user groups of added value realised through the work of the landscape institute member
  • Demonstration of cultural, social or learning benefit

Entry requirements

  • Name of scheme
  • Entrant details
  • Details of LI professional member responsible for production of work
  • Client / Owner authority
  • Scheme details (client and project team, site information, site size, relevant dates, brief, budget, phasing details)
  • Covering statement, up to 600 words, including
    • Purpose: describe the project requirements, scope, context, philosophy and intent.
    • Role of the Landscape professional: describe the precise role and responsibility of the LI professional member and the role of all other significant participants including owner or client.
    • Significance: explain the project’s relevance to the client, the profession, the public and the environment. Describe how the project meets the criteria for judging in the appropriate category and why it is worthy of an award.
    • Innovation: explain how the scheme is unique or special, together with any unusual or demanding problems which were solved
    • Why this scheme deserves to win an award
  • List of contractors and partners to be credited in publicity materials if the entry wins an Award
  • File upload: Submission document addressing the Specific Requirements for Entry set out above, in PDF format, 100MB max file size. Refer to the Submission Document Requirements on the ‘How to Enter’ page for more details of what to include in this document.
  • Images upload: You can upload up to 15 images (JPEG, at least 300dpi) from your submission document, to be featured in promotional material and publicised by the LI. For each image, you will need to provide a brief description, image credit and confirmation that it can be used in publicity.
  • Online media: if you have referenced a video or website in your submission, provide the URL

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