Special Awards category

Volunteer of the Year

This award recognises the contribution made by an individual member of the LI to the promotion of the landscape profession in a voluntary capacity. Nominees must be shown to have used the time committed for volunteering meaningfully to achieve one or more of the actions listed below:

  • further the aims of the Institute;
  • further the understanding of landscape architecture and its role in meeting the demands and challenges of society;
  • act as an inspiration to members of the LI and wider public.

The Volunteer of the Year Award will be announced at the Jellicoe Lecture in later 2019.

Typical entries

Typical entries may include:

Typically nominees will have acted in a voluntary capacity in one or more of the following areas, either on behalf of the Institute or in a personal capacity:

  • Representation on landscape related or linked industry or professional committees or boards or other areas such as related industry awards schemes or competitions;
  • Representation and active involvement in local Friends of Parks, Heritage Associations, Biodiversity or other local Societies or as a Trustee;
  • Evidence of promotion of the profession, for instance in education;
  • Involvement in the promotional or experimental/innovative areas of work related to the profession in a unpaid capacity;
  • Evidence of an established role as a volunteer at either a national or regional level within the LI.

Judging criteria

  • Demonstration of significant and sustained commitment to the LI and the profession of landscape architecture, beyond the requirements of the Code of Conduct
  • The impact of the volunteer’s work
  • The commitment and value of time contributed
  • Their involvement with outreach work
  • The extent to which they serve as a role model to other professionals

The judging panel for this award will be made up of individuals including the President of the Institute, Chief Executive of the Institute and an independent trustee of the Institute.

Conditions of entry

  • Nominees must be a member of the LI and have held membership for a minimum of five years at any category of membership, including student, licentiate, chartered member or Fellow.
  • Nominees must be proposed by at least two members of the LI, one of whom will act as the main contact for the submission. If self-nominating the applicant must include two LI members as referees.
  • Proposers must demonstrate, with evidence, that their chosen nominee is being recognised for making a significant contribution above the requirements of the members’ Code of Conduct.

Submission requirements

This category is free to enter but you must register, as with all other categories.

  • Name of volunteer
  • Entrant details
  • Details of two LI professional member proposing the Volunteer (name, contact details, LI membership details)
  • Covering statement, 1000 to 1500 words, addressing the Judging Criteria and demonstrating the ways in which the entrant has made a contribution to the Landscape Institute and the landscape profession. This should include the following: evidence of engagement in a voluntary capacity and explanation of the work that has been/is being done; outputs of the work; how this work is above the requirements of the Code of Conduct; evidence of the impacts of the work.
  • Brief biography of the nominee (up to 100 words), including information such as their current job title and organisation, if relevant.
  • Images upload: Upload at least one image of the volunteer (JPEG, at least 300dpi). This may be featured in promotional material and publicised by the LI. For each image, you will need to provide a brief description, image credit and confirmation that it can be used in publicity.

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