Student category

Student Portfolio

This category recognises portfolios created by students as part of an undergraduate or post-graduate course accredited by the Landscape Institute. It is open to students who have successfully completed their course during the 3 years to July 2019.

Student Portfolio

Typical entries may include:

Your entry should include selected drawings and other communication material representing projects from each year of the completed course and identified accordingly (Year 1 etc).

A short summary of the individual project briefs or the full brief should be attached for each project. Students are encouraged to explore all forms of presentation and media.

Judging criteria

  • Creativity and innovation of proposals, including use of materials and technologies.
  • Scale of working – ability to work at, and through, different scales, from strategic and planning issues to detailed design considerations.
  • Brief – appropriateness and vision in response to the brief.
  • Context – quality of response to site context in physical, cultural, social, political, economic terms etc.
  • Rationale – clarity and appropriateness of aims, objectives, strategies and design concept(s).
  • Research – depth and relevance of background research and its expression.
  • Technical and functional aspects – quality of approach to developing technically and functionally sound proposals.
  • Sustainability – demonstration of sustainable approach, including low-energy or energy efficient designs,improved biodiversity, good hydrological management, pollution prevention or reduction, bioengineering techniques etc.
  • Presentation and communication – quality of communication and expression, appropriateness of media used to give quality and effective communication.
  • Conclusions/Summary – appropriateness, reliability and usefulness of conclusions the subject addresses

Specific requirements for entry

  • Work must be provided in your Submission document.
  • Photographs of other work (eg models) may be included in the portfolio
  • If you would like to include video, include a still image and description in the bound document.
  • A broad range of projects should be illustrated but one specific project should be shown in greater detail.

Submission requirements

This category is free to enter but you must register, as with all other categories.

  • Title of project
  • Entrant details
  • Student details (if different from entrant)
  • LI Accredited Course details and dates
  • Covering statement, up to 500 words, including
    • Personal approach to projects
    • Special Qualities
    • Research
    • Inspirations
    • Experience gained in and around the course
  • File upload: Submission document addressing the Specific Requirements for Entry set out above, in PDF format, 100MB max file size. Refer to the Submission Document Requirements on the ‘How to enter’ page for more details of what to include in this document.
  • Images upload: You can upload up to 15 images (JPEG, at least 300dpi) from your submission document, to be featured in promotional material and publicised by the LI. For each image, you will need to provide a brief description, image credit and confirmation that it can be used in publicity.
  • Online media: if you have referenced a video or website in your submission, provide the URL

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