Entering Student Categories

This page sets out the guidelines for entering the Student awards categories.

The Student Categories are open to LI student members who are completing or have completed an undergraduate or post-graduate course accredited by the Landscape Institute. It is free to become a student member either by registering here or scanning the QR code below.

Read this page carefully for details about eligibility requirements and what to include in your submission. You should also read the information on the relevant awards category page, especially the judging criteria.

For general guidance on how to enter and the terms of entry, read the General entry conditions page.

General guidelines

  • Work completed during the three year period to July 2023 will be eligible for the 2023 Awards unless otherwise stated in the specific category details.
  • Entrants submitting work to the student categories of the Landscape Institute Awards must have successfully completed a course accredited by the Landscape Institute within the past three years, or currently be enrolled on an undergraduate or post-graduate Landscape Institute accredited course
  • Work by the same student many be entered in more than one student category, but work which has already received a Landscape Institute Student Award may not be re-entered.
  • The entry must be the sole work of the entrant as signed. The submission cannot be the work of 2 or more people.

Your online entry

You will need to provide the following information as part of your LI Awards online entry: 

Judging information 

This information will be used to administer and judge the Awards 

  • Contact details of entrant and the details of the student responsible for production of work 
  • LI Accredited Course details and dates
  • Covering statement, up to 500 words, including
    • Personal approach to projects
    • Special Qualities
    • Research
    • Inspirations
    • Experience gained in and around the course
  • For the Student Dissertation Award, a Dissertation summary, up to 500 words, that gives brief details of the research problems, hypothesis and research methodology.
  • PDF File upload (100MB max): Provide a single submission document to showcase your work and support your entry. This may include images, reports, plans or other materials.  
  • Online media: if you have referenced a video or website in your submission, please provide the URL of these materials. 

Publicity and Marketing information  

This information will not be provided to judges and will only be used if you are a Winner or Finalist in your category. These materials would be used for marketing and publicity around the Awards and in ongoing promotion by the LI.  

  • Images upload: Upload 3 to 10 images (JPEG, at least 300dpi; at least 3 images in landscape orientation) which showcase your entry. These may be featured in promotional material and publicised by the LI. For each image, you will need to provide a brief description and image credit; make sure you use only letters, numbers and spaces in your description credit (ie no apostrophes or special characters) or the image upload may fail. Only provide images that the LI has the right to use. 
  • Online media: if you have referenced a video or website in your submission which could be used in publicityplease provide the URL. Only provide links to materials that the LI has the right to use. 

Submission document guidelines

You will be asked to submit a single PDF Submission document which the judges will take into account when assessing your entry.

  • This can be up to 100MB file size. You may submit an A3 or A4 document.
  • Your Unique Entry Number should be clearly displayed on the cover page.
  • If you refer to online resources, such as videos or websites, please include links to these in your Submission document.
  • Your document should include any materials that you would like the judges to take into account. This could include images, photographs, plans, reports, designs.
  • For the Student Dissertation category, the full dissertation should be submitted to be reviewed by the judges. The dissertation should be submitted in the original format and does not need to meet the limitation of 20 pages.

You do not need to send a separate hard copy of your submission document.

Image submission guidelines

The images you submit in your online entry form are for promotional purposes (such as on social media, blog posts, articles in the LI Journal ‘Landscape’) and (if you are shortlisted) for use at the LI Awards ceremony.

They are not shared with the judges and are not considered when assessing your submission.

You can submit between 3 and 10 images with your entry. Please ensure that at least 3 of these are in landscape format, suitable for use on Awards collateral, such as the website and on the big screen at the Awards.

If you do not submit suitable images then the Landscape Institute will be unable to include pictures of your project for these purposes.

Try to select images to illustrate the work you are entering, but that are also easy for those outside the profession to understand.

Video and multimedia guidelines

The LI encourages the use of videos, websites and other multimedia as part of your entry. You can provide links to these during your online application.