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Landscape Research and Digital Innovation Award

This award celebrates innovative research, adoption and use of visualisation and digital technologies  and/or products that could play a significant role in transforming landscape practice.

It is open to any individual, organisation, employer, government or university or combination of groups to enter, but an LI member must be part of the team being entered.

What we are celebrating

This award celebrates innovation in the form of ground breaking research or guidance, use of technology as an illustrative or information tool,  ways of working, website or the development of a new physical product (for hard or soft landscapes) or a new digital tool, service, or software.

Judging criteria

This award will be scored by an independent panel of judges against our Judging Criteria:

  • Design
  • Sustainability 
  • Value 
  • Professionalism 

In selecting an eventual winner, the judges will focus especially on the degree to which the entry:

  • demonstrates innovation in the selected medium or technology
  • appropriate choice of medium and demonstration of how it is used
  • clarity of message and relevance to audience
  • is highly functional, clear, and accessible to all users
  • has evidence of results achieved or feedback from those with whom the materials communicated

Follow this link to read more details on these criteria and the sub-criteria to make sure you clearly identify how your work meets the specific requirements for your category. 


To enter this Award, the work:

  • May be of any scale
  • There is no requirement for the design to have progressed to implementation
  • An LI member is required as one of the team members submitting

Submitting your entry

This is an online entry.

Make sure you carefully read the How to Enter page for important information about the process and conditions of entry.

You should also read the Judging Criteria and the guide to entering Open categories for information on eligibility and what you will need to provide in your entry.

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